Your stories, your region, your artists. The Genesis Collective is working on an original piece of community theater, to be premiered in Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center's black box theater.

Join us at Lincoln Park's Black Box Theater on August 20!


Robert Hugh Harper
Walter Montegomery

Hugh is a Beaver County native and professional voice actor specializing in audiobooks. He played in a number of movies including a Cannes Palme d’Or winner, NYC short film festival award winner “Stock Footage,” and numerous co-costing spots for Seto Nakai Media and NHK in Japan. He is married to Kristi, and father of Abby Harper – they love in Beaver, PA

Keith Zagorski
Tom Robinson

Keith is a 25 year veteran actor with multiple Western Pennsylvania theatre companies. He is a founding member of The Bobcat Players (Beaver, Pa). His favorite roles include The Drawer Boy (Angus), Old Love (Bud Mitchell), and Harvey (Elwood P. Dowd) with the Bobcat Players; A Fine Bright Day Today (Milton Farnsworth) and The Grand Manner (Guthrie McClintic) with the Little Lake Theatre.

Jenn Rian
Charlotte Wilson

Jenn is a veteran actor with considerable depth of talent and range range developed over more than 25 years working in local theatre. Among many other local companies, she has worked most extensively with R-ACT Theatre Company, contributing to their regular season productions as well as their long-running Annual Holiday Radio Show.

Toyauna Slappy
Maggie Kowalski

Toyauna fell in love with theatre when she was in high school. She spent a year studying theatre at the University of Kentucky. Since then she’s been an ongoing acting coach at Geneva College Musical Theater Camp. For the past five years she’s had the amazing experience of being Beaver Falls High school musical’s acting coach. As a Beaver Falls girl, Toyauna is thrilled to be returning to the stage with this role in the telling of a the truth of happens here in our little county

Samantha Sassic
Cora Daniels

Samantha is a student at Beaver Area High School, where she as acted in several theatrical performances. This is her first radio theatre production.

Andrenna Williams

Dave Cary
Walter’s media assistant

Patty Ross

Patti is a retired teacher of English and theatre from the Freedom Area School District, where she taught for thirty-seven years. She is a veteran member of the Bobcat Players Community Theater, participating as a director, performer, and playwright. For the past twelve years, she has served as the artistic director and chair of the outreach committee. She was the assistant director and acting coach for Beaver Area High School’s musical from 2013 through 2021.

Kevin Farkas

Kevin also operated live sound and recording for this production. He is an award-winning audio producer and public historian, specializing in capturing, preserving, and sharing community voices and stories. He is the founder and executive producer of The Social Voice Project, where he manages the TSVP Podcast Network. He holds degrees in English, specializing in language (sociolinguistics), rhetoric, and critical literacy; he knows how to operate a useful semicolon.

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